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Tree Surgeons Pricing Guide

Answering Your Questions About Cost

Tree Surgeons Pricing Guide

When you need professional help with your trees, two questions likely come to mind: “Who can I trust with my trees?” and “How much will I need to spend?” At Tree Maintenance we understand these concerns, and we want to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Understanding Pricing Factors

You may wonder why tree work prices vary between companies and contractors. It’s important to know what influences these differences so that you can make the right choice. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Experience and qualifications: When it comes to tree surgery, skill and experience are crucial for safe and professional work. Qualified tree surgeons with accreditations like the Arboricultural Association’s ARB Approved Contractor Scheme may charge more, but they offer a higher level of service and expertise.
  2. Equipment and tools: Tree surgery requires specialized equipment like chainsaws, climbing gear, and access platforms. Investing in the right tools is expensive, but it ensures quality work. Be cautious of operators who use inferior equipment, as it could lead to subpar results and additional expenses down the line.
  3. Insurance and liability: Reputable tree surgeons have proper insurance coverage for the potential risks involved in tree work. This insurance is costly but necessary to protect you, the tree surgeon, and the public from any accidents or damages that may occur.
  4. Reputation: Tree surgeons who have earned a strong reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality work have invested in building a reliable team with the right values. While their prices may be higher, you can trust their service and dependability.

Our Prices

We determine our prices based on factors such as the size and location of the tree, job complexity, and required resources. Every tree work project is unique, ranging from as little as £50 to several thousand pounds. To provide you with an accurate quotation, we offer a free initial site visit where we assess your requirements and provide a written estimate.

Here’s a rough price guide to help you get an idea:


  • Small tree: up to 8 meters (26ft) £100 to £200
  • Medium tree: 8 – 15.5 meters (26 – 50ft) £175 to £400
  • Large tree: Over 15.5 meters (over 50ft) £350 to £700


  • Small tree: up to 8 meters (26ft) £75 to £200
  • Medium tree: 8 – 15.5 meters (26 – 50ft) £250 to £1000
  • Large tree: Over 15.5 meters (over 50ft) £700 to £2000

Why Site Visits are Important

We offer a free initial site visit for a reason—it benefits you in several ways:

  1. Understanding your needs:
    We ensure that we fully understand the issues you’re facing with your tree(s) so that we can offer the best professional advice and provide an accurate quotation for the necessary work.
  2. Assessing the site:
    By visiting your property, we can evaluate the site and location of your tree(s), considering factors such as risk assessment, access, and any other site-specific considerations. This helps us provide an accurate fixed price quotation.

We want to help you make informed decisions and ensure that you receive the best service possible. Please note that the prices mentioned are estimates, and the final cost may vary based on various factors.

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