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Introducing The MEWP

by | Safety, Tree Surgery

If you’re familiar with the terms MEWP, Access Platform or Cherry Picker, you’re already acquainted with this valuable tool for arboriculture.

The MEWP, which stands for Mobile Elevated Work Platform, has become increasingly popular among tree surgeons. Having recognised their numerous benefits, we invested in our very own MEWP in October 2021.

Improved Safety and Workmanship

Using the MEWP for tree surgery is a game-changer, mainly because it  reduces the risk of injury for our tree surgeons. Moreover, the extended reach allows us to prune more precisely, with more aesthetically pleasing results for our customers. Trees also benefit from this approach, as smaller, more appropriate pruning promotes overall health and vitality.

Efficiency in Tree Felling

When it comes to tree felling, using a MEWP is often quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. While the cost of the MEWP is factored into our job quotations, the reduction in labour expenses and increased safety and efficiency is more cost effective.

Compact and Low-Impact Design

Our MEWP, capable of reaching heights of up to 80 ft / 25 meters, boasts a surprisingly compact design. This feature enables easy access to various back gardens, so that few jobs are beyond our reach. Additionally, with its rubber tracks, our MEWP minimises ground impact, preserving the integrity of the surrounding environment.

We are committed to delivering exceptional tree surgery while prioritising safety and customer satisfaction. With our MEWP, we can be more efficient in those goals. Contact us today and let us help you keep your trees beautiful.

ARB Approved Contractor

ARB Approved Contractor

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