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Sympathetic Reduction of 2 Horse Chestnuts

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We recently undertook a fascinating tree surgery project in Cromhall, where we had the opportunity to work on a pair of majestic Horse Chestnut trees.

One of the trees had experienced branch fractures, likely due to a recent storm, compromising its structural integrity and making it susceptible to further damage and potential branch failure.

Our arboricultural consultants recommended a height and spread reduction, specifically targeting the longest heavy lateral limbs. Our approach aimed to preserve the tree’s natural shape, ensuring its aesthetic appeal and amenity value remained intact.

Efficiency and Safety with our MEWP

Next to the compromised tree, another Horse Chestnut needed a thoughtful intervention; we gave it a sympathetic reduction to reduce the wind load on its longer branches, as the larger tree had been providing it with shelter from the prevailing winds. This strategy will enhance the tree’s stability and minimise the risk of wind-related damage.

Efficiency and Safety with our MEWP

For this project, we used our reliable Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) to access the tree canopies effortlessly. Thanks to the MEWP, our team leader Josh and apprentice Ben could access the trees without relying on ropes and intricate work positioning techniques.

We prioritise safety and comply with the Work at Height Regulations, which emphasise risk assessment and the use of appropriate equipment to ensure working at height is undertaken safely.

Enjoying a Bird’s Eye View

Our apprentice and youngest team member Ben had an exciting experience operating the MEWP.

He had a unique perspective from the treetops and executed his tasks admirably, showcasing his skills and making his team members proud.

Ben enjoying a Bird's Eye View

Tree Maintenance Ltd. are passionate about providing exceptional tree surgery while prioritising safety, tree health, and preserving the natural beauty of your surroundings.

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